ごきげんいかが? 焼き菓子大好きだから、ちょっと興奮気味よ。おしゃれに「ペストリー」って言ってもいいんだけれど、やっぱり「焼き菓子」って呼びたい秋なのです。





Carrot Cake, my Mum’s recipe. I’ve made 4 cakes to sell today, to raise money for Alzheimer’s Cupcake Day. The larger one is going to my Mum’s home to be sold there amongst the staff and families who will come along and support the fundraiser. The smaller 3 I’ve made to sell locally to those that can collect. I’m selling those at £2 per slice or £10 per cake (one cake has been sold already). If any of you local lovelies would like a slice, please DM on here. All monies donated can be given through my justgiving page julie-jones, the money going directly to the Alzheimers Society If you don’t live locally but would still like to donate to the charity an easy link has been set in to my profile. Why am I so passionate about raising funds for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, well I have seen first hand the anguish and hurt that it can cause both the sufferer and all those who love them. My Mum has both vascular dementia and Alzheimers and is in full time care under section at the age of 73. She started with symptoms at the age of 67. They are just horrendous and soul destroying illnesses and if I can do anything to raise a few pounds to help with research or to provide help to families that are going through such a tough time dealing with this I will. The difference between Vascular Dementia and Alzhiemers….in short vascular dementia is caused when damage is done to a part of the brain, usually caused by a stroke. When certain parts of the brain become damaged, the little path ways that carry thoughts or instructions can’t be completed therefor the suffer doesn’t know what it is they’re supposed to do. It’s possible that the sufferer will be able to do other things though, using the unaffected part of the brain. It is also common that the person’s personality will remain and the can still enjoy life, all be it with help. Alzheimers affects the whole brain, which means over time the sufferer will loose all use of it, they loose the ability to do the simplest of things, tell others what it is they need or want or how they feel. They forget you, forget everything they’ve lived and worked for. They simply forget and are incapable to be themselves

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Chocolate and cardamom swirls. Goooooood Morning. And happy Friday to you all #f52ovenlovin

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My Mum’s Carrot Cake. . I made this to take with me to a local book signing this week (next village along), not really knowing what to expect or who to see there apart from those ever loyal friends. I have to say it was a great turn out, which was very heart warming, made even more so by seeing everyone tucking in to and enjoying my Mum’s cake! Well her recipe anyway, she was definitely with us all in a very special way that day. She’s still doing what she always liked to do most – making everyone happy through her lovely food, just like she always did! . Thanks to Diane @thepostingpot for hosting such a lovely event. . Oh, and the recipe for the cake….it’s in the book…which is on sale now . Link in profile xXx

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